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About The Ottawa Independent Video Awards

The OIVA’s are an awards ceremony designed to show recognition for our blossoming video and film scene. What was once a handful of maverick directors has now grown into a broad community of directors, artist, and industry professionals. Every year sees and ever-growing number of releases spanning everything from features, to documentaries, experimental short films, and music videos.

About SAW Video

SAW Video is a non-for-profit, artist-run media art centre that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to equipment, training, mentorship, and programming. Our mission is to support a diverse community of media artists empowered by technology, programming and the exchange of ideas.

SAW Video’s core principles are independence of expression, afforable access to all, and paying artists for their work. SAW Video values diversity and actively promotes equity for all artists regardless of race, age, class, gender, Sexual orientation, language or ability.

Saw Video and the OIVA’s

The OIVA’s were founded in late 2014 as an initiative of SAW Video Media Art Centre. For Over 30 years, SAW Video has been an intrinsic link and central hub for Ottawa’s video community, offering mentorship, exhibitions, screenings, equipment rentals and grants. We created the OIVA’s to highlight not only our region’s incredible artists, but to foster the sectors growth, and encourage retention of Ottawa’s video based talent pool.